Why Bratz Dolls Are Evil Incarnate

I was treated to a splattering of posters for the Bratz movie around Manhattan today, a film based upon the popular doll/cartoon/puzzle piece franchise. These are Bratz dolls:


Ewwwwwwww… It sends a shudder down my spine to even have to upload the picture. You’ve probably seen them. A quick glance, they look like any twiggy thin Barbie doll, then you do a double take because their hideous makeup-caked faces have made an imprint on your brain.

Here, in a succinct little bite-sized portion, is why Bratz dolls are clearly created, endorsed, and owned by satan or other satan-related affiliates:

WHY WOULD YOU GIVE THIS TO YOUR DAUGHTER?! I guess someone may have said that about Barbies, once, too…

1) They celebrate stupidity.

They’re called “Bratz”. Need more? Look at their website, watch the cartoon, go see the upcoming movie, which I’m sure is a shining example of progressive pro-feminist ideals developed by women for a smart, impressionable female audience.

2) They take the laughably unrealistic beauty standard and blow it out of the water.

I mean, Jesus, just look at them. The nose thing kills me. They hardly have them. Oversized, pouty Angelina Jolie lips. Eyes drowning in eyeliner and eyeshadow. Why is it that girl dolls are never allowed to have noses? Is being able to smell unattractive? Their faces look almost identical, save for the slightly differing skin tones and preferred shades of makeup. I’m not even against makeup in every way, shape, or form. I’m fine with teenage girls playing with makeup, but not when it’s to tear down their first face and create a new one.

3) They’re teaching girls… what?

To plaster industrial strength makeup on their faces much earlier than ever before; to dress as provocatively and mass-market targeted as possible; to adopt the attitudes that very insecure, self-bankrupt older women adopt now rather than later; to achieve a level of thinness thought impossible by human test subjects; to get plastic surgery so that their noses are extra itty bitty and cwute (meaning barely visible); to gloriously and proudly refer to themselves as ‘bratz’, a word that, by my recollection, used to mean you were obnoxious and self-entitled; to love shopping without reason or rhyme; to be cliquey and exclusionary; to predicate their lives on fashion, fun, and flirtatiousness.

It annoys the hell out of me that these dolls have managed to become so popular. Why can’t girls be assertive rather than ‘bratty’? Why can’t they have dolls that reflect something of what their lives are actually like? And, if they actually live lives like those of Bratz dolls, why would we encourage anyone to celebrate or idolize that mentality?

Thank God my sister missed this craze by a small margin, because if I had ever seen her playing with a Bratz doll I may have had to remove it from her presence, tear it’s head off, and chuck it in the trash.

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  1. 1

    Chantal said,

    The scariest part is that these monstrosities are marketed to under 10-year-olds. I’m glad to say that I stood my ground in refusing to purchase any Bratz-related garbage for my daughter, despite her crying pleas that all her friends have them. When I first saw these things, I had an image of a blow-up doll in my head. These disgusting dolls send the message that little girls are really just sexually-charged young women in children’s bodies, ready for action, and have nothing in their brain other than shopping & behaving like a diva, with no aspirations, no dreams. Vapid little airheads. They have nothing that any child, any teenager, any young woman can relate to.
    I love dolls, I played with Barbies til I was….well, old enough not to be playing with them anymore….but at least with Barbie, she had a goodness about her image, she had qualities, you could play & create a world that was similar to yours, and she always seemed to have a job or career, she was doing things. In other words, you could create and imagine anything you wanted with Barbie. With these Bratz porn-star look-a-likes, there is nothing remotely connected to the lives and dreams of young girls, their personnalities are fixed as spoiled brats with attitude who wear impossible outfits and shop while talking on their cell phones.
    Well-written post (as usual)…..love your blog.

    Chantal :)

    • 2

      prissy15 said,

      you are an idiot,keep playing with your barbie’s, loser

      • 3

        gingermiss said,

        Wow. So you’re the lowest common denominator buying audience. Guess the popularity of these hideous dolls makes more sense now.

        Although my disapproval of Bratz dolls must make me a “pathetic fat loser”, so you just disregard this message and return to your glittery intellectual vacuum of anorexia and endless shopping. We’ll miss your jovial and insightful repartee. Bonne chance!

    • 4

      prissy15 said,

      Barbie has become a major icon for young girls over the last several decades. Little do most people know, this pretty pink princess was based on a German prostitute comic strip character named Lili, who was later made into an 11 1/2 inch “sex pet” adult toy and sold exclusively in adult stores. In 1958, Mattel bought the rights to Lili and began the transformation from the adult toy to the Barbie doll that we know today. The traditional Barbie is known for her 40-18-32 measurements, her glasssy-eyed stare, her voluminous long blond hair, and her perfect features. We see in her a sparkling personality, wealth, and stylish fashions, and young girls find themselves wanting to be a supermodel just like Barbie when they grow up. Barbie sends the message that it is ideal to spend your time shopping and talking on the phone. When the first Teen Talk Barbie came out in 1992, the doll was pre-programmed to utter messages like “Math is tough.” Barbie further pushes girls into gender roles and stereotypes by emphasizing pink as the feminine color, glamour and fame, and the “perfect” body. Girls begin to stereotype the ideal female as the pretty, blond, and slim model that Barbie presents us.

    • 5

      omg, barnies are based of some german porn doll and have you seen the bratz episodes at all? it is about them being freinds and making a magazine together, they are nice and help people in the show, and are really nice, and come on, at least they have better porportions than barbies (i know they have huge feet and heads, but other than that) they have real bodies of lots of girls their age, they don’t have huge you know whats, i swear barbie should topple over with the weight, and bratz have hips whereas barbies have match stick legs, i mean come on, you are just favouring barbies cus you grew up with them! also you talk about relating to barbie? they are about princess’ and fairies, every now and again, bratz get magical powers in the andom movies, but they are more about real life than barbies! And how dare you say thet are air heads ith no dreams? or your information, jade wants to be a famous fashion deisgner and sasha wants to be a dancer. you need to stop looking down the toilet for all your knowledge!

  2. 6

    gingermiss said,

    Right on target, Chantal!

    These disgusting dolls send the message that little girls are really just sexually-charged young women in children’s bodies, ready for action, and have nothing in their brain other than shopping & behaving like a diva, with no aspirations, no dreams.

    That’s it in a nutshell. Thank you for boiling it down so well.

  3. 7

    tcupnewt said,

    On the positive side Bratz are slightly more varied in terms of skin-colour. But that’s the only upside of them that I can see…

  4. 8

    gingermiss said,

    You know, tcupnewt, I thought that at first too, but now I feel like that’s a deceptively negative characteristic of the dolls.

    If the dolls only embody negative stereotypes, they’re not improving the representation of women of color by including them. They’re really just saying all girls – white, black, hispanic – are vapid “My Sweet Sixteen” consumer hoarding idiots.

  5. 9

    “We Will Not Slumber Until Every Woman Wakes”: The Fifth Carnival of Radical Feminists

    The Fifth Carnival of Radical Feminists is Up!

  6. 10

    emilylondon said,

    Eww! I am a nine year old girl and I think that they are wastes of money and space, they she be disallowed in every household. They are teaching kids like me to cover up there true self with tons of glossy make-up and horrible clothes. They are teaching little girls to not show who they trueley are! I despise them from every aspect!

    • 11

      omg, watch the tv show, its about being true and being freinds and getting through stuff together, no offence but i think your source of knowledge is the toilet, cus i can think of no place that would teach you something so far from the truth

  7. 12

    gingermiss said,

    That’s a great comment, Emily. Thank you for contributing.

  8. 13

    mbpappas said,

    Listen here,
    Bratz aren’t evil…people only see it that way because they think they are bad role models for kids! That’s not true, they teach us to be true to ourselves and wear what we want to wear! Not all girls want to dress like Bratz!
    I love Bratz! I’m a huge collector and I don’t dress like them…in fact I’ve never seen someone dressed like them except maybe on halloween….I have yet to see that though!
    And hello Barbies are the ones that have the outrageous bodies!! Their toothpicks!
    Their just dolls, I don’t think anyone wants to dress like a doll!!
    By the way…Barbies are designed after a T.V. prostitute!


    • 14

      kialahbear said,

      amen sister!

    • 15

      perfectly said, yay, finally someone who doesnt look down the toilet for a source of knowledge, brtaz are about being freinds and helping each other, atleast you know that, and people say barbies are great but they are not, they should topple over form the weight of their you know whats and their leg should break because they ar as thin as match sticks

  9. 16

    kialahbear said,

    they’re not so bad all they need is some changes thats all, like a different name ,give them proper clothes and change they’re face that’s all. =)

  10. 17

    prissy15 said,

    i’d just like to say im a 37 yr old woman,and i proudly buy bratz dolls for my 7 yr old daughter,i feel barbie is so overrated,she’s not what normal typical women look like,however,bratz are only a threat to jealous,oversized women..i will not allow any barbie in my house,isnt 60 yrs long enough for a damn doll to make money? mattel couldnt handle competition,so go to all these lengths to not just take money from bratz makers,but want it destroyed too?? im very disgusted by the whole thing,just because a doll looks a certain way that makes ignorant women think their daughters are going to start acting or dressing a certain way too?? c’mon people,are you all weak-minded,a doll’s going to influence you,you must live very sad pathetic lives to let a lil doll upset your life so much,grow up,barbie’s an old hag,who needs to be put out of our misery,enough with barbie and all her bs that goes with it,thank god there was a judge out there who saw mattel’s lust for greed,and let bratz stay around longer..i think anyone who is offended by bratz or me for that matter are pathetic fat losers who need to stop eating a leave a lil girls doll alone!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you would like to respond to me personally i will gladly give my email address ~

  11. 18

    rushswaterfall said,

    look gingermiss i am a teen i have bratz dolls and i love them. you cant assume just because someone plays with them they are anerexic i eat three meals a day and i weigh 185 lbs. i am not anerexic by any means. its kinda pathetic that u are so threatened by a doll. tight cloths are not bratz fault its pathetic ppl who read stuff like seventeen teen ppl and teen vogue and j14 and any other fashion magazine. and as pro barbie u are she was modeled from a prostitute. i mean seriousely you need to grow up go find a fashion magazine and take a look at their size 0 2 5 7 models. i can proudly say i wear size 16 jeans and a large to extra large shirt and its pathetic that you want to attack a doll.

  12. 19

    rushswaterfall said,

    right on prissy15

  13. 20

    ilovebratz said,

    I think that Bratz are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. To me, personally, I think Bratz patch up the hole in the earth. I feel that Bratz are my entire life. They fill my heart with love. They are plastic angels sent from God, to embelish my life. Whoever says otherwise, are jealous of their beauty. Their makeup is wonderfully done. It really makes up the doll. And OF COURSE their thin. Would you want to play with a fat doll? There you go, wannabes. Their makeup brings out who they are and shows just how unique they are from each other. I have about 100 Bratz dolls and they each have their own unique name. So, all in all if you have dirty comments keep em’ to yourselves.

  14. 22

    […] The site where this image comes from has an entertaining post about their evil-ness. […]

  15. 23

    Why can’t children stick to American Girl dolls? They are beautiful and educational dolls and the relate WELL to girls and their mothers and even grandmothers!

    Well, the prices might be the reason why. lol

  16. 26

    i love bratz dolls they not evil and who cares if the have a big head barbie is like 100 years old. mettle makes barbie the star in every movie no other colors.

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